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Marijuana Content Promotion

Content marketing is a very important aspect of digital marketing. In a context where the emergent marijuana industry is still so new, content has to get smarter and to provide value. It has to provide entertaining and engaging information. To be readable online, cannabis dispensary marketing needs to look different from a brochure or a book. Unlike print, space on your website doesn’t cost more. To make your content easier to read you can break it up and spread it all out. This is the way search engines like it too.

Since the attention span of people is just a matter of seconds, especially in the marijuana industry, not all paragraphs need at least five sentences. Your content should be engaging to keep your website visitors to use their back button.

Every piece of online content has several components:

• The Headline – this is a key component. Your online visitors will just spend seconds to read your headline. Most of the times, depends on the headline if your visitor stays or leaves. You need to put all your creativity and energy at work in order to create engaging headlines.

• The First Sentence – this is also a very important component of your content. Your first sentence is trying to convince readers to move into the story from the headline.

• The Introductory Paragraph – you need to create interest and curiosity with the introductory paragraph since this is the content copy that sets the story and goes into tags.

• Sub Heads – sub heads have the role to make your content easier to read and follow.

• Main Copy – this is the main story expressed by your content.

• Summary – this content component wraps things up and reminds your readers what they just learned in only a sentence or two.

• Call to Action – this is another key component of content marketing. Always use a call to action even if you are just asking your readers to comment your post.

You have to produce good content for the marijuana industry for SEO, for credibility, and to attract your customers. Many people in the marijuana industry are still beginners in this business world. The industry itself it’s still so new, and beginners need content.

There is the Cannabis Marketing Platform that is designed to expand distribution for commercial marijuana businesses, build brands, and drive traffic. You can take advantage and use high-quality content marketing on this marijuana industry platform. With this marijuana boom, it is expected that the marijuana internet marketing will grow at a fast pace in the future and many niche/designer brands will emerge.

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How to Make Content Marketing Work in the Cannabis Industry

How to Make Content Marketing Work in the Cannabis Industry

Selling cannabis can be a lucrative and rewarding opportunity. Marijuana helps people relax and can also provide a host of health benefits. You’re providing a quality service, but how do you get the information about business into the hands of consumers? This article will focus on some guidelines for content marketing as a member of the cannabis industry.

Professionalism Wins, Every Time

Recreational use of cannabis has developed its own subculture, and that subculture often grates against mainstream sensibilities. Because cannabis is still illegal in the majority of the United States, it has a stigma surrounding it that affects everyone – even if they aren’t cognizant of it.

Marketing a product that is traditionally viewed as taboo is not without its challenges, and one of the biggest steps towards marketing your business is establishing it as a legitimate enterprise in the eyes of your consumers.

Edgy advertisements make a lot of people uncomfortable, and while users of cannabis are most times a little more open to nontraditional marketing strategies, you’re going to reach a wider audience with a more palatable campaign.

This tip is especially important for those focusing on medical cannabis. You’re offering a health service, so make sure you advertise yourself as a medical treatment rather than a way to get high.  Here are some tips to help you with that.

People in pain who have not gotten the help they need from traditional medicine, and they make up a valuable market and an important part of your customer base. Straddle the line between traditional and alternative medicine to give the impression both that it’s outside of mainstream medicine and that it’s effective and backed by research.

Make Sure You Have The Ability To Deliver on Promises

This tip is equally as important as the first. Make sure that you’re not overselling yourself, or setting yourself up as an unreliable business – or even a downright liar. Cannabis is still a touchy subject for many people, and a lot of consumers are unsure and nervous about taking the step to buy from your business. Offering a different or lesser service through advertising than you actually offer is a recipe for disaster.

Consumers are trusting in the legitimacy of your business. Failing to deliver on your promises will erase that legitimacy and cause them to view your business as shady or taboo rather than the customer-centric company you’re trying to be.

Push Through Resistance

Ultimately, trying to advertise a product like cannabis presents challenges that a lot of other businesses never have to worry about. Even following these tips, it’s likely that you will struggle to get the results you need right away. Keep making yourself visible. Putting yourself out there and being a legitimate presence in your local community may start to change customer perceptions over time.

It’s 2017 and we’re slowly but surely moving towards a future where cannabis is just another part of daily life. As part of the industry, you’re a member of a movement that’s going to drive public perception towards normalization of a beneficial way to relax and heal.

All in all, just continue to push through resistance and build your business through continued marketing routines. You may see a difference sooner than you think!

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Building Your Brand Starts with Good Content

Building Your Brand Starts with Good Content

With hundreds of brand names already circulating throughout the different aspects of the cannabis industry, it can be hard to distinguish your brand without killer website content. By creating a website that accurately represents your company as well as engages readers, you will be able to successfully build your brand. Here we will examine in depth how to create a prominent online presence through content that will help to set apart your brand from the rest of the highly concentrated cannabis industry.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when writing content for your site:

  • Educate your potential customers on the cannabis industry as well as why they may benefit from becoming part of it.
  • Establish why people should choose your brand over other ones. Include as much specific information as possible.
  • Add personal content and testimonials from you, your employees or even family and friends. People love a personal touch, which can help set you apart from other corporate style companies.
  • Include interactive links for visitors to follow you on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Consider adding a blog section, but if you do, make sure you update it regularly. Include content such as new products and industry news.

Once you have created your website and filled it with relevant and engaging content, look over these strategies and determine how you can successfully implement them with your brand:

  • Ensure the content on your website is written to attract your target audience.
  • Consider utilizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Great content is useless if no one can find your website. There is plenty of information online on SEO and other simple ways to increase your website ranking and make it easier for customers to find you.
  • Make sure your content is engaging and prompts site visitors to take a course of action. Whether this is in the form of visiting your dispensary, purchasing product online or even spreading the word to other potential customers, is up to you and what you think will best generate interest in your brand.
  • Create your website so that visitors are able to easily navigate and find whatever it is they may be looking for.

Whether you have already begun creating your company website or are simply revamping an already established site, keep the guidelines and strategies listed above in mind. One you are confident that you have successfully implemented the aforementioned items, you’re ready to publish and start spreading the word about your brand throughout the whole cannabis industry.

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