5 Medical Marijuana Products for Anxiety

One of the most sought after medicinal qualities of cannabis is its ability to ease the mind and instill a sense of calm. Owing to the reputation of cannabis as a powerful soothing agent, medical marijuana solutions are often prescribed to those in search of soothing harmful nerves, as products containing THC and other cannabinoids work quickly when addressing the pressing discomfort that patients with anxiety often face. We’ve put together a list of products that are easy to find at any Maryland medical marijuana dispensary after you get a medical marijuana consultation in Maryland, each well-suited to promoting a mindset of peace and tranquility.

Anti-Anxiety Products Available at a Maryland Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Gorilla Glue Gelato Cartridge


Gorilla Glue and Gelato are some of the most storied strains available, and these cartridges from AiroPro combine their best qualities to produce a cannabis experience like no other. Just a few minutes after inhaling from your AiroPro cartridge, deep relaxation begins to settle in throughout the body, making it easy for anyone’s anxieties to melt away. Gelato has a reputation as a sweet cannabis strain, owing to its namesake, but the earthy flavor of Gorilla Glue provides a nice balance to the vape.

Liberty High Potency Tinctures

For patients with higher cannabis tolerance, sometimes powerful products are required in order to achieve the desired results. Liberty Tinctures cater directly to this concern, providing THC-rich relief that can be found at the typical medical marijuana dispensary. Maryland cannabis consumers are in good hands with Liberty’s high potency tinctures, which come in a wide variety of forms and flavors to apply in any individual circumstance. Types of Liberty Tinctures include their “Serenity” and “Tranquility” oils, which those suffering from anxiety may find capable of addressing their needs. 

WANA Blueberry Indica Chews

While edibles are often criticized for their overbearing cannabis flavor, infused product confectioner WANA is known for prioritizing the scrumptious nature of their medicinal treats. In particular, their blueberry indica chews may prompt having more than just one. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that even those with high tolerance should heed caution and go slowly when dosing with edibles to prevent a disorienting cannabis high.

Dixie Mixed Berry Tablets

When it comes to relieving anxiety, the cannabinoid CBD may be even more effective than its relative THC in dispelling nerves. Dixie’s Mixed Berry Tablets contain a perfectly even ratio of THC and CBD, allowing patients to experience the power of both cannabinoids working in conjunction with one another. The result is a unique sensation that gently embraces the mind and body, leading both into a state of comfort. 

Banana Cookies Pax Pod

Banana Cookies is an uncommon cannabis strain, harnessed by Pax Pods to create a vape cartridge that leaves an impression in the mind of patients long after it is consumed. Pax Pods distill cannabis strains into their essence during the process of manufacturing vape liquid, resulting in a product that captures the pure nature of Banana Cookies, preserving both its satisfying flavor and vivid effects.


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